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Social Work Month Exclusive Interview with Author of Latinx In Social Work- Erica Sandoval ( Part 1)

March 05, 2022 Harleny Vasquez Season 2 Episode 4
Social Work Insider
Social Work Month Exclusive Interview with Author of Latinx In Social Work- Erica Sandoval ( Part 1)
Show Notes

Happy Social Work Month! This episode is a special one because my guest today isn’t just any other guest, they’re my mentor - Erica Sandoval.

During this episode we discussed Erica’s personal journey on becoming a Latina Social Worker and her experience migrating from Ecuador to the United States and having to tackle oppression as a Latina Woman.

We touched on topics including:

  • Her personal journey on becoming a Social Worker and finding her purpose
  • Advice she would share for any aspiring Social Workers 
  • Becoming a published author for Latinx in Social Work 
  • And more!


Erica’s bio: 

Erica is a passionate licensed clinical therapist who is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She is committed to amplifying the voices and businesses of incredible Latinx social work leaders, who are healing and inspiring communities. 

As founder and CEO of Sandoval CoLab, she partners with organizations, universities, health care facilities, medical and corporate professionals to provide access to resources to advance teams and help employees and students thrive. 

Most recently, she co-founded Employee Network Allyance, a space for allyship for today and tomorrow’s employee network leaders who help each other succeed. Erica holds a Post Master’s in Clinical Adolescent Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work from New York University, Silver School of Social Work. She currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for National Association of Social Workers NYC, the largest organization for professional social workers worldwide. She helped launch B.O.L.D, Building Organizing and Leading with Diversity. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of behavioral health, social disparities, trauma, and human development. She serves as Advisor for the Latino Social Work Coalition and Prospanica NY. 

Her successful career has earned her numerous awards, including being honored with the Social Justice Award for Social Work as one of Prospanica NY’s 2021 Top Latinx Leaders. She is regularly invited to be a guest speaker, moderator and panelist by well-known organizations, including Sony, Jobwell, and Brown Brothers Harriman. 

In collaboration with Fig Factor Media, Erica released her first book, Latinx in Social Work, which quickly became a #1 Best Seller and Hot New Release under Social Work on Amazon and also led to an ongoing partnership with the NYU Silver School of Social Work. 

Her greatest pride is being a single mother and raising her 21-year-old daughter, Isabella, whom she considers her biggest teacher. As a proud immigrant from Ecuador, her passion is fueled in supporting the community she is a part of and their children. Erica is a philanthropist and is a donor to the Latino Social Work Coalition and Scholarship Fund.


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