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Becoming a Social Worker Entrepreneur | Ft Christina Broderick-Royes, LSW

April 26, 2023 Harleny Vasquez
Social Work Insider
Becoming a Social Worker Entrepreneur | Ft Christina Broderick-Royes, LSW
Show Notes
Christina Broderick-Royes is a former school social worker turned entrepreneur. She’s also an author and adjunct professor who teaches up-and-coming social workers. 

She leads the Social Work Entrepreneur Incubator, a program where social workers turn their community driven ideas into thriving businesses. 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to increase your impact through entrepreneurship 
  • How and when to invest in yourself
  • Why it’s important to get support
Learn more about Christina on her website:

And learn how to leverage your social work skills to build your business by signing up for her Idea to Income Masterclass:

More about Christina:

Christina is an activator. A futurist and visionary leader. As a clinically-trained licensed social worker, a certified school social worker, a former psychotherapist, a certified school social worker, an adjunct professors and published author, she understands the struggles and rewards of working in social service. And she also knows the freedom and flexibility that come from becoming a successful entrepreneur — and she wants that for you. 

For years, she felt frustrated with stressful work environments. The same environments stuck in cycles of waiting until something was wrong before attempting to fix it. Reactionary and ineffective. 

She knew what to do but was trapped in systems keeping her from making a real impact. She was also overworked! She craved freedom and flexibility for her life — and the satisfaction of knowing she could make a significant difference in this world on her own terms. 

Tired of being told she could “only do so much,” Christina felt called to break through the industry glass ceilings to maximize her impact and income. Her experience highlights include: 

● Served Thousands of Students Nationwide 

● Presented On Global Stages 

● Flown Out to Work with Clients Frequently 

● Featured on Podcasts and Nationwide Publications 

● Connected with the Department of Education to Share Her Work 

● Conducted Instagram Lives with Celebrities Like Miguel 

And she now averages 5-figures of revenue a month (sometimes even 5-figures in one day!) and is projected to do almost $300,000 this year!

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